1. Lead is any business entity, both in the form of legal entity and non- legal entity which requires a human resource system solution so that is has the potential to become an Application Customer.
    2. Application Customer is any Party who purchases or subscribes the Application, which is the result of our sale which previously is a valid Lead recommended by Referral Partner.

    1. Lead that is recommended by Referral Partner is valid and accepted by us only if the Lead is not in the sales process by our other referral partner, and/or our other program partner.
    2. Referral Partner earns referral fee in the amount of 5% of value of Application Customer subscription contract, with a minimum period of subscription of Application is 6 (six) months.
    3. Referral fee is calculated if the valid Lead that is recommended by Referral Partner has become Application Customer and has paid the subscription fee in accordance with the full subscription contract value.
    4. In the event that Application Customer extends the use of Application, the referral fee is given for a maximum total 4 (four) years subscription period and for each extension is 6 (six) months minimum;
    5. Referral fee is converted into referral points where 1 (one) point is equal with IDR 1,000. (one thousand Rupiah).
    6. Referral fee is paid to Referral Partner in the form of cash or vouchers if referral fee has reached at least 500 (five hundred) points.
    7. Cash or voucher as referral point redemption is sent to referral Partner within 10 (ten) working days since the request of redemption by Referral Partner is received by us, with the following conditions:
      1. cash will be transferred to theaccount that is designated in writing by Referral Partner;
      2. voucher will be sent to the address that is designated in writing by Referral Partner by our courier or third party shipping/logistic service.

  3. TAX
    1. PPh 23 for referral fee that is paid in cash is borne by Referral Partner and deducted by us.
    2. We will send out the evidence of PPh 23 deduction to Referral Partner.

  5. This referral program does not and will not be considered to make one Party an agent or legal representative for the other Party for any purpose, except only those expressly stated in this Term and Condition. No Party has the right or authority to assume or create any obligation or responsibility, expressly or impliedly, for or on behalf of another Party, or to bind any other Party under any circumstances.